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2016-09Synergistic effect of hybrid graphene nanoplatelet and multi-walled carbon nanotube fillers on the thermal conductivity of polymer composites and theoretical modeling of the synergistic effect김성륜; 유재상; 김현수; 최회길
2016-10Synergistic enhancement of thermal conductivity in polymer composites filled with self-hybrid expanded graphite fillers김성륜; 정용채; 김현수; 나중현
2016-07Thermal Conductivity of Polymer Composites With Geometric Characteristics of Carbon Allotropes구본철; 김성륜; 김현수; 노예지; 길명섭
2015-05Thermal conductivity of polymer composites with the geometrical characteristics of graphene nanoplatelets김성륜; 유재상; 김현수; 배현성
201003Rapid consolidation of nanocrystalline 3Ni-Al2O3 composite from mechanically synthesized powders by high frequency induction heated sintering박나라; 고인용; 도정만; 공우연; 윤진국; 손인진
201310Development Trends of Nanocarbon-Based Polymer Composites양철민
201303Pulsed current activated synthesis and consolidation of nanostructured MoSi2-TaSi2 composite박나라; 도정만; 윤진국; 박현국; 손인진
201304Carbon hybrid fillers composed of carbon nanotubes directly grown on graphene nanoplatelets for effective thermal conductivity in epoxy composites유란; 박지순; 임윤수; 이철승; 신권우; 문호준; 양철민; 이영실; 한종훈
201304탄소계 복합소재의 제조 및 응용양철민
201310Application of a Cyclic Butylene Terephthalate Oligomer Resin for Continuous Fiber Reinforced Composites김성륜; 노예지; 윤재륜