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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201109Characteristics of phosphorus adsorption for a titanium mesostructure synthesized with various surfactants최재우; 최용수; 김동주; 이상협
201010Adsorption of Carbon Dioxide using Polyethyleneimine Modified Silica GelTao Zhu; 양세일; 최대기; 노경호
201401Kinetic, equilibrium and thermodynamic studies for phosphate adsorption to magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles윤세영; 이창구; 박정안; 김재현; 김성배; 이상협; 최재우
201407Tuning the oxygen reduction activity of the Pt-Ni nanoparticles upon specific anion adsorption by varying heat treatment atmospheres정영훈; 김수진; 정동영; 이명재; 장종현; 성영은
201403Adsorption of Cobalt onto Graphite Nanocarbon-Impregnated Alginate Beads: Equilibrium, Kinetics, and Thermodynamics StudiesMoonis Ali Khan; 지은도; 최재영; MAHENDRA KUMAR; WOOSIK JUNG; THOMAS C. TIMMES; HYUN-CHUL KIM; BYONG-HUN JEON
201211All-electron scalar relativistic calculations of atomic hydrogen adsorption on cubo-octahedron Pt55 nanoparticles신정호; 최정혜; 이승철
201205Ab-initio Study of Interactions of Gold Atoms with Hydroxylated MgO(001) SurfacesJunjin JEON; Aloysius SOON; Jin-Nam YEO; Jinwoo PARK; Suklyun HONG; Kyeongjae CHO; Byung Deok YU
201008Preparation and Evaluation of Fe-Al Binary Oxide for Arsenic Removal: Comparative Study with Single Metal OxidesHye-Jin Hong; Wasif Farooq; 양중석; Ji-Won Yang
201211Mn-Fe Layered Double Hydroxides for Adsorption of As(III) and As(V)Enkhtur Otgonjargal; Young-Soo Kim; Sang-Min Park; Kitae Baek; 양중석
201209Development of a new concept adsorbent for heavy metal removal in wastewater이상협; 정승건; 최재우