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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201603Photovoltaic Performance of PbS Quantum Dots Treated with Metal SaltsDong-Kyun Ko; Andrea Maurano; Su Kyung Suh; 김동훈; 황규원; Jeffrey C. Grossman; Vladmir Bulovic; Moungi G. Bawendi
201512Enhanced fluorescent stability of copper indium sulfide quantum dots through incorporating aluminum into ZnS shell김종훈; 장은표; 권용우; 장호성; 도영락; 양희선
201301Size tunability and optical properties of CdSe quantum dots for various growth conditionsEun Yoo Ko; Joo In Lee; Ju-Won Jeon; In Hwan Lee; Yong Hyeon Shin; 한일기
201308Chemical exfoliation of pure graphene sheets from synthesized ZnO-graphene quasi core-shell quantum dots손동익; 권병욱; 김홍희; 박동희; Basavaraj Angadi; 최원국
201301CIS-ZnS quantum dots for self-aligned liquid crystal molecules with superior electro-optic properties이원규; 황승준; Min-Jae Cho; Hong-Gyu Park; Jin-Woo Han; Seogjeong Song; 장종현; Dae-Shik Seo
201111High-power 745-nm Laser Diode Utilizing InP/InGaP Quantum Structures Grown by Using Migration Enhanced Epitaxy하승규; 송진동; 한일기; 고대영; 김수연; 이은혜
201306Surface morphologies effects on electroluminescent properties in metal-oxide-based quantum dot light emitting devices윤성룡; 이전국; 한정환
201402Electronic-state-controlled reset operation in quantum dot resonant-tunneling single-photon detectorsQ. C. Weng; Z. H. An; Z. Q. Zhu; 송진동; 최원준
201410Highly fluorescence-stable blue CdZnS/ZnS quantum dots against degradable environmental conditionsKi-Heon Lee; Jeong-Hoon Lee; Hee-Don Kang; Chang-Yeol Han; Seung Muk Bae; 이양진; 황준연; Heesun Yang
201410Multi layered Si-CuO quantum dots wrapped by graphene for high-performance anode material in lithium-ion batteryBaskaran Rangasamy; 황준연; Wonbong Choi