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201011Silica Filled Polysulfones for Fuel Cell Application헨켄스마이어디억; Nambi Krishnan Nagappan; 장종현; 김형준
201006Complex capacitance analysis on catalyst layers of low temperature fuel cells장종현; 전순열; 김선형; 김형준; 조은애; 한종희; 홍성안; 임태훈
201011Effects of a Hydrogen and Air Supply Procedure on the Performance Degradation of PEMFCs조유연; 조은애; 김정현; 임태훈; 오인환; 장종현; 김형준
201004Effects of operating temperature on performance degradation of PEMFCs under repetitive startup/shutdown cycling조유연; 조은애; 김재홍; 김정현; 임태훈; 오인환; 장종현; 김형준
201004A Study on Cathode Degradation of PEMFCs under On/off Cycling Operation김재홍; 조은애; 장종현; 김형준; 임태훈; 오인환
201001Development of a Durable PEMFC Start-Up Process by Applying a Dummy Load : II. Diagnostic Study김재홍; 조은애; 장종현; 김형준; 임태훈; 오인환; 고재준; 손익제
201001Effects of Cathode Inlet Relative Humidity on PEMFC Durability during Startup-Shutdown Cycling: I. Electrochemical Study김재홍; 조은애; 장종현; 김형준; 임태훈; 오인환; 고재준; 오승찬
201011Durability study of PEMFC MEAs김선화; 이병석; 이혜진; 이국승; 김형준; 조은애; 헨켄스마이어디억; 장종현
201007Sulfonated poly(ether sulfone)/sulfonated polybenzimidazole blend membrane for fuel cell applications남비; 이혜진; 김형준; 김주용; 황인철; 장종현; 조은애; 김수길; 헨켄스마이어디억; 홍성안; 임태훈
201011Sulfonated Poly(ether sulfone)-based SIlica Nanocomposite Membranes for High Temperature H2/air operationNambi Krishnan Nagappan; 헨켄스마이어디억; 장종현; 김병각; 김형준; 조은애; 김수길; 임태훈