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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-03Stress-driven crystallization of amorphous metal oxide film by glass transition in metallic glass장혜정; Ka Ram Lim; Tae Hee Cho; Young Sang Na; Do Hyang Kim
201311Crystal structure analysis using transmission electron microscopy (TEM)장혜정
201111Electronic structure analysis of twin and superlattice in Ga-doped ZnO using monochromated EELS장혜정; 윤상원; 유태환; 안재평
201306Highly Flexible, Hybrid-Structured Indium Tin Oxides (ITO) for Transparent Electrodes (TE) on Polymer SubstratesRoss Triambulo; 김정훈; 나민영; 장혜정; 박진우
201304Super Elastic Behavior of High Strength Titanium Alloy with Metastable Beta Phase류욱하; 오현석; 장혜정; 우완측; 이동근; 박은수
201306Highly flexible, hybrid-structured indium tin oxides for transparent electrodes on polymer substratesRoss E. Triambulo; Jung Hoon Kim; 나민영; 장혜정; Jin-Woo Park
201306Nano-scale Shell in Phase Separating Gd-Ti-Al-Co Metallic Glass장혜정; 박은수; 김도향
201106Atomically-resolved mapping of polarization and electric fields across ferroelectric-oxide interfaces by Z-contrast imaging장혜정; S.V. Kalinin; A.N. Morozovska; M. Huijben; Y.H. Chu; P. Yu; R. Ramesh; E.A. Eliseev; G.S. Svechnikov; S.J. Pennycook; A. Borisevich
201204Exploring multiferroic materials using STEM장혜정; S.V.Kalinin; A.N.Morozovska; M. Huijben; Y.H. Chu; E.A. Eliseev; S.J. Pennycook; A.Y. Borisevich
201111Domain Wall Motion of Ferroelectric Materials under a Bias in (S)TEM장혜정; S.V.Kalinin; S.J.Pennycook; A.Borisevich; P.Wu; L.Q. Chen; S.Y.Yang; P.Yu; R. Ramesh