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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201512Directly deposited MoS2 thin film electrodes for high performance supercapacitorsN. Choudhary; M. Patel; Y.H. Ho; N.B. Dahotre; 이원기; 황준연; W. Choi
2016-10Stability of ordered L12 and B2 precipitates in face centered cubic based high entropy alloys- Al0.3CoFeCrNi and Al0.3CuFeCrNi2황준연; 남승진; B. Gwalani; V. Soni; D. Choudhuri; M. Lee; 류호진; 홍순형; R. Banerjee
201304Structure development and properties of pitch-based carbon nano film이재선; 황준연; 조한익; 이성호
201304Carbon nanotube reinforced nickel matrix nanocomposites fabricated by spark plasma sintering process황준연; 홍경태; Tiley, J; Banerjee, R; 홍순형
201306Interface analysis of ultra-high strength carbon nanotube/nickel composites processed by molecular level mixing황준연; 임병규; J. Tiley; R. Banerjee; 홍순형
201309Direct observation of heterogeneous nucleation in Al-Si-Cu-Mg alloy using transmission electron microscopy and three-dimensional atom probe tomography황준연; R. Banerjee; D.R. Diercks; M.J. Kaufman
201310Transmission electron microscopy study on the nano-carbon/hybrid interface이양진; 두송이; 황준연
201301Influence of composition on monomodal versus multimodal γ′ precipitation in Ni-Al-Cr alloysRojhirunsakool, T; Meher, S; 황준연; Nag, S; Tiley, J; Banerjee, R
201309Coarsening behavior of Gamma Prime precipitates and concurrent transitions in the interface width in Ni-14 at%Al-7 at%CrS.Meher; T.Rojhirunsakool; 황준연; S.Nag; J.Tiley; R.Banerjee
201410Multi layered Si-CuO quantum dots wrapped by graphene for high-performance anode material in lithium-ion batteryBaskaran Rangasamy; 황준연; Wonbong Choi