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200307Properties of co-deposited indium tin oxide and zinc oxide films using a bipolar pulse power supply and a dual magnetron sputter source황만수; 정희섭; 김원목; 서용운
201308Realizing the Potential of ZnO with alternative non-metallic co-dopants as electrode for small molecule optoelectronic devices김용현; 김진수; 김원목; 성태연; Jonghee Lee; Lars Muller-Meskamp; Karl Leo
201102ZnO-SnO2 co-sputtering 박막의 전기적, 광학적 및 열적 특성 고찰김진수; 성태연; 김원목
200612Improvement of the thermal and chemical stability of Al doped ZnO films김인호; 구대영; 고지훈; 김동환; 이경석; 정증현; 이택성; 정병기; 백영준; 김원목
200506Effect of the addition of Zn metal on the electrical properties of F doped ZnO films구대영; 김인호; 이경석; 이택성; 정병기; 백영준; 김원목
200506Improvement of the thermal stability of Al doped ZnO films김인호; 구대영; 고지훈; 이경석; 이택성; 정병기; 백영준; 김원목
201006Characteristics of ZnO:Al thin films co-doped with hydrogen and fluorine김용현; 정증현; 이경석; 박종극; 백영준; 성태연; 김원목
200406Electrical, optical and structural properties of transparent and conducting ZnO thin films doped with Al and F by rf magnetron sputter최병국; 김인호; 김동환; 이경석; 이택성; 정병기; 백영준; 김원목
200609Effect of fluorine addition on transparent and conducting Al doped ZnO films김인호; 이경석; 이택성; 정증현; 정병기; 백영준; 김원목
200811Properties of fluorine doped ZnO thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering윤희성; 이경석; 이택성; 정병기; 최덕균; 김동환; 김원목