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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-04A facile chemical synthesis of ZnO@multilayer graphene nanoparticles with fast charge separation and enhanced performance for application in solar energy conversion최원국; 황준연; 손동익; 심재호; 이규승; 김정규; 이창렬; Ming Ma; 양희연; Basavaraj AngBasavarajAngadi; 박종혁; 유경식
200110광역 밴드갭을 이용한 자외선 수광 센서최원국
200107Properties of ZnO thin films using ZnO buffer layer.방규현; 황득규; 이동희; 오민석; 최원국; 명재민
200306ZnO를 이용한 광재료 및 Nano 광소자 개발최원국
200210Investigatinos on Ta2O5/ZnO insulator-semiconductor interfacesS.K. Nandi; 최원국; 노영수; 오민석; S. Maikap; 황농문; 김도윤; S. Chatterjee; S.K. Samanta; C.K. Maiti
200101Dry etching of ZnO using an inductively coupled plasma이지면; 장기병; 김경국; 최원국; 박성주
200004The grain size effects on the photoluminescence of ZnO/α-AI2O3 grown by Radio-Frequency magnetron sputtering김경국; 송재훈; 정형진; 최원국; 박성주; 송종한
199901The optical and crystalline structure properties of ZnO thin films grown by RF magnetron sputtering김경국; 박성주; 송종한; 정형진; 최원국
201006Direct Fabrication of Zero- and one dimensional Metal Nanocrytals by thermally assisted electromigration육종민; 김관표; 이종훈; M. Watanabe; A. Zettl; 김태환; 노영수; 최원국; 이종용
200308Low-energy ion beam treatment of α-Al2O3 (0001) and improvement of photoluminescence of ZnO thin films박종용; 노영수; 박병진; 이현우; 최지원; 김진상; Y. Ermakov; 윤석진; 오영제; 최원국