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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200804Hydrogenation of Ti50Zr25Co25 amorphous ribbons and its effect on their structural and mechanical propertiesSubramanian Jayalakshmi; 에릭플러리; 이덕영; 창혜정; 김도향
200703Thermal and mechanical behaviors of Cu-Zr amorphous alloys권오집; 이영국; 박상옥; 이재철; 김유찬; 에릭플러리
201205Preparation of Al-Cu-Fe-(Sn,Si) quasicrystalline bulks by laser multilayer claddingLi-ping Feng; 에릭플러리; Guo-sheng Zhang
200610Enhanced glass forming ability and mechanical properties of new Cu-based bulk metallic glasses김유찬; 이재철; 차필령; 안재평; 에릭플러리
200709Magnetic and Mechanical Properties of Fe-Co-B-Si-Nb-M (M = Al, V, Mo,) Bulk Metallic Glasses권오집; 이영국; 이진주; 김유찬; 에릭플러리
200505Thermal Stability and Mechanical Properties of Hydrogenated Zr-Ni-Nb-Co Amorphous Alloy자야락스미; 에릭플러리; 김유찬; 김기배
200810Properties of a new Co-based metallic glass alloy진홍석; V.S. Vasantha; 이덕영; 에릭플러리
200809High temperature mechanical properties of Ti-, Zr- and Ni-based amorphous ribbonsSubramanian Jayalakshmi; 에릭플러리
200911Changes in structure and mechanical properties in amorphous hydrogen purification/separation membranes에릭플러리; 최윤길; 서진유; 김유찬
201204Mechanical properties and microstructures of Al-1Fe-(0-1)Zr bulk nano-crystalline alloy processed by mechanical alloying and spark plasma sinteringC.L. Mendis; H.P. Jhawar; T.T. Sasakia; K. Oh-ishi; K. Sivaprasad; 에릭플러리; K. Hono