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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200010Electrochemical properties of SnO₂ thin films doped with Bi and Si for negative electrode of microbattery김영일; 지광선; 문희수; 조원일; 박종완
200104Electrode characteristics of sputtered lithium manganese oxide films with diamond like carbon top layer문희수; 지광선; 조원일; 윤영수; 박종완
200305Fabrication of nanocrystalline Fe-Co-Ta-N magnetic films with high saturation magnetization and excellent high-frequency characteristics신재민; 김윤명; 김종렬; 한석희; 김희중
200001Charge/discharge performance of electron beam deposited tin oxide thin film negative electrodes남상철; 윤영수; 조원일; 조병원; 윤경석; 전해수
200203Principal and applications of nanoindentation test한준희; 이광렬; 김광석; 이상율
200107Microstructural and optical properties of ZnO thin films grown on InSb(111) substrates김태환; D.U. Lee; D.C Choo; J.H. lee; M. Jung; J. Cho; K.Y. Seo; 윤영수
200309Properties of lithium cobalt oxide thin films deposited by sputtering with substrate bias..조원일; 이영재; 안재평; 김형선; 조병원
200304High electro-optic coefficient of Ba0.6Sr0.4TiO3/MgO(001) dielectric thin film김달영; 문승언; Eun-Kyung Kim; 이수재; 최종진; 김현이; 권숙일
200009Thermal stability of tungsten-boron-nitride thin film as diffusion barrier박영균; 김성일; 김용태; 이창우
200112Electrochemical properties of diamond-like-carbon coated LiMn2O4 thin films for microbatteries문희수; Kwang-Sun JI; Tae Jung Kim; 조원일; 윤영수; Sung Hoon Chung; 박종완