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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201512Directly deposited MoS2 thin film electrodes for high performance supercapacitorsN. Choudhary; M. Patel; Y.H. Ho; N.B. Dahotre; 이원기; 황준연; W. Choi
2016-01Nanoparticles as structure-directing agents for controlling the orientation of block copolymer microdomain in thin films장세규; 김세영; 왕현석; 최수형; 김범준; 방준하
201104High-temperature thermoelectric properties of nanostructured Ca3Co4O9 thin films강민규; 조광환; 오승민; 김진상; 강종윤; 남산; 윤석진
201204Photocatalytic oxidation of 2-propanol under visible light irradiation on TiO2 thin films prepared by an RF magnetron sputtering deposition methodMasaaki Kitano; Kazuhiro Iyatani; Ebrahimi Afsin; Yu Horiuchi; Masato Takeuchi; 조소혜; Masaya Matsuoka; Masakazu Anpo
201211Thickness dependent surface microstructure evolution of bismuth thin film prepared by molecular beam deposition method안영근; 김영환; 김성일; 정광호
201305Growth Behavior of Cubic Boron Nitride (cBN) Phase in B-C-N Film Deposited on Si Substrate with Non-Uniform Ion Flux이승민; 성태연; 이욱성; 백영준; 박종극
201304Two-step selenization of electrodeposited CuInSe2 thin film박영일; 김동환; 정다운; 이도권; 김진영; 김홍곤
201406Carbon- and Oxygen-Free Cu(InGa)(SSe)2 Solar Cell with a 4.63% Conversion Efficiency by Electrostatic Spray DepositionHyun Yoon; Seung Heon Na; Jae Young Choi; Min Woo Kim; Hayong Kim; 안희상; 민병권; SeJin Ahn; Jae Ho Yun; Jihye Gwak; KyungHoon Yoon; Sanjay S. Kolekar; Maikel F. A. M. van Hest; Salem S. Al-Deyab; Mark T. Swihart; Sam S. Yoon
201304Electrochemical study on C60 thin film강봉조; 이중기; 주재백
201411A Micro-Fabricated Force Sensor Using an All Thin Film Piezoelectric Active Sensor이준우; 최욱; 유용경; 황교선; 이상명; 강성철; 김진석; 이정훈