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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-06NARX modeling for real-time optimization of air and gas compression systems in chemical processes나종걸; 이원제; 김경수; 이철진; 이영근; 이종민
201503A multichannel neural probe with embedded microfluidic channels for simultaneous in vivo neural recording and drug delivery이현주; 손유진; 김정연; 이창준; 윤의성; 조일주
201509A broadband LNA and mixer for digital video broadcasting applications using a 0.18-μm CMOS processTian Qiang; 김은성; Cong Wang; 박민철; 김남영
201509An on-wafer embedded passive device using chip-in-substrate packaging technologyJunge G. Liang; 김은성; Cong Wang; 연제현; 박민철; 김남영
201307Enhanced performance of organic light-emitting diodes by using hybrid anodes composed of graphene and conducting polymer신성범; 김정윤; 김영환; 김성일
201306Discrete Pattern of Burst Stimulation in the Ventrobasal Thalamus for Anti-Nociception허여울; 조제원
201306A Wireless Monitoring Sub-nA Resolution Test Platform for Nanostructure Sensors장지웅; 변영태; 이택진; 우덕하; 이석; 전영민
201503Single-carbon discrimination by selected peptides for individual detection of volatile organic compounds주수미; 이기영; 민선준; 유용경; 황교선; 김상경; 이현정
2018-05Electronic skins for soft, compact, reversible assembly of wirelessly activated fully soft robots정승준; 변정환; 이윤택; 윤재영; 이병문; 오은호; 이탁희; 조규진; 김재하; 홍용택