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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-02Electrical Properties of a-Si:H Thin Films as a Function of Bonding Configuration김인수; D. Y. Kim; S. Y. Choi
2012-02Raman Concentrators in Ge Nanowires with Dielectric Coatings김인수; J. K. Hyun; L. J. Lauhon
2016-05Differences in cognitive ability and hippocampal volume between Alzheimer’s disease, amnestic mild cognitive impairment, and healthy control groups, and their correlation문경률; 최미현; 김형식; 김선용; 김우람; 탁계래; 이봉수; 최영칠; 김현준; 홍승화; 임대운; 정순철
2016-07Somatotopic Map and Inter-and Intra-Digit Distance in Brodmann Area 2 by Pressure Stimulation문경률; 최미현; 김성필; 김형식; 김선용; 김우람; 임대운; 이봉수; 정순철
2016-05Primary and secondary gait deviations of stroke survivors and their association with gait performance김진욱; 문경률; 김형식; 정순철; 최미현; 김선용; 탁계래; 임대운; 전성국
2018-10A dimeric fluorescent protein yields a bright, red-shifted GEVI capable of population signals in brain slice.브래들리 베이커; 이범준; 강복음; 이성무; Sophie Braubach
2017-11Voltage and Calcium Imaging of Brain Activity브래들리 베이커; 마소드; 래리코헨; Yunsook Choi; Sheng Zhon; Douglas A. Storace; Oliver R. Braubach
2018-10Mapping of Excitatory and Inhibitory Postsynaptic Potentials of Neuronal Populations in Hippocampal Slices Using the GEVI, ArcLight.브래들리 베이커; Ryuichi Nakajima
2017-11Experimental evaluation of a novel robotic hospital bed mover with omni-directional mobility문경률; Guo Zhao; Rachael Bei Yee; Haoyong Yu
2018-05Monitoring voltage fluctuations of intracellular membranes브래들리 베이커; 마소드; 래리코헨; Oliver Braubach