Article 24,650

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995-01Ion trap mass spectrometer 와 quadrupole mass spectrometer 를 이용한 유기인제 및 유기염소제 농약분석에 관한 연구 .이재성; 박현미; 어연우
1995-10Relation between microstructure and soft magnetic properties of Fe-TM-C-N (TM:Hf,Zr and Nb) nanocrystalline films류호준; 최정옥; 한석희, et al
1995-01Location of Tb(III) ions in hydrated Y zeolited by luminescence spectroscopy어용선; 홍석봉; 김창홍, et al
1995-02Compatibilizing effect of a poly(ester imide) on the properties of the blends of poly(ether imide) and a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer: 1. Compatibilizer synthesis and thermal and rheologica서용석; 홍순만; 황승상, et al
1995-05Solid-phase epitaxial regrowth and dopant activation of P-implanted metastable pseudomorphic Ge0.12Si0.88 on Si(100)D.Y.C. Lie; N.D. Theodore; 송종한, et al
1995-05Friction and wear of nitrogen incorporated diamond-like carbon films under a vacuum.윤의성; 공호성; 이광렬, et al
1995-03Correlations between the bipolar and the unipolar electric field induced strain in the electrostrictive Pb(Mg₁/₃Nb₂/₃)O₃-Pb(Zr₁/₂Ti₁/₂)O₃ ceramicsPark J H; 김병국; 박순자
1995-01Themoelastic behavior of shape memory alloy Mn-15Cu-2Ni-3Cr.신명철; 지광구; P. L. Potapov, et al
1995-01Ag-Pd-In 삼원계합금의 시효처리에 따른 기계적 성질변화와 미세상의 석출거동김명호; 정호년; 도정만, et al
1995-11Studies on new catechol containing cephalosporins II. Synthesis and structure-activity relationships of cephalosporin having a catechol moiety at the C-7 position.장문호; 고훈영; 최경일, et al
1995-03Synthesis and antibacterial activity of new 1β-methyl carbapenem having a thiazolo[3,2-α]benzimidazole moiety오창현; 함영완; 홍순영, et al
1995-12Adsorption of 1,1,1-trichloroethane on two different-type adsorbents.조성용
1996-01Comparison of local equilibrium model and trnasfer model for prediction of PSA performance.나병기; 송형근; 서성섭, et al
1996-01A study on the hydrodechlorination reaction of dichlorodifluoromethane over Pd/AlF3 catalyst안병성; 이상철; 문동주, et al
1995-09Decrease of the number of the isolated emission center Mn**2**+ in an aged ZnS:Mn electroluminescent device.한택상; 오명환; D. H. Kim, et al
1996-08Charge distribution dependent on the chelating ratio. [Co(μ-bpym)(dbbq)2] vs. [{Co(dbbq)}2(μ-bpym)](bpym=2,2'-bipyrimidine정옥상; 조두환; 이영아, et al
1996-12Analysis of mesocarb analogues in urine and plasma of rats by high-performance liquid chromatography and thermospray liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry.표희수; 박송자; 박종세, et al
1996-01Adsorption equilibria of two halogenated carbons on a carbon fiber.조성용; 김승재
1995-08Analysis of the mutual self-biased shielded magnetoresistive head with transmission-line model (I)H. W. Zhang; 김희중
1996-01Photoacid generating polymers based on sulfonyloxymaleimides and application as single-component resists.안광덕; 구재선; 정찬문