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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996-01Distinct oxidation-state change dependent on remote group of coligand. (X//2-phen)Co(3,6-DBBQ)//2 (X//2-phen=4,7-disubstituted-1,10-phenanthroline정옥상; 이영아; 박성호, et al
1996-01Effect of interchange reactions on the molecular weight distribution of poly(ethylene terephthalate): a Monte Carlo simulation.김정엽; 조원호; 이재우, et al
1996-01Microwave properties of high-Tc YBa2Cu3O7-δ microstrip resonators with different surface morphologies and finite thicknesses이상영; J. Y. Cho; 김영환, et al
1996-01Most probable number 방법을 이용하여 측정한 중랑천 하상토양의 혐기성 세균의 수와 수질과의 상관 관계 =박두현; 최영효; 김병홍, et al
1996-01Iodine as a visible probe for the evaluation of zeolite donor strength.홍석봉; 최연수; 박용수, et al
1996-01Poly(butadiene-g-acrylonitrile-styrene) core/shell 고무에 의한 에폭시 수지의 강인화 = Toughening of epoxy resin by inclusion of poly(butadiene-g-acrylonitrile-styrene) core/shell rubber.손성균; 김성태; 홍성일, et al
1996-01Preparation of ultra-pure succinonitrile by countercurrent distillation for crystal growth이윤우; Ramagopal Ananth; William N. Gill
1996-01Plasma source ion implantation of nitrogen, carbon and oxygen into Ti-6Al-4V alloy.한승희; 이연희; 이정혜, et al
1996-01Survey of natural occurrence of trichothecene mycotoxins and zearalenone in Korean cereals harvested in 1992 using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry류재천; 양종순; 송윤선, et al
1996-01Synthesis of cephalosporin derivatives utilizing the cephem triflate. 1. Introduction of 3-position substituents via a cycloaddition-fragmentation route.최경일; 고훈영; 강한영, et al
1996-01On phase equilibria, interfacial tension and phase growth in ternary polymer blends.곽순종; E. Bruce Nauman; David Qiwei He
1996-01Percolation of carriers through low potential channels in thick Al//xGa//1//-//xAs (x<0.35) barriers.강광남; 우덕하; D. S. Kim, et al
1996-01Surface chemical reaction between polycarbonate(PC) and keV energy Ar+ ion in oxygen environment고석근; 최원국; 정형진
1996-06Atmosphere control of interface migration and its effect on dielectric property of CuO-infiltrated strontium titanate전재호; 김주선; 강석중, et al
1996-01Structural characterization of a monomeric chemokine: monocyte chemoattractant protein-3.김기선; Krishnakumar Rajarathnam; Ian Clark-Lewis, et al
1996-01Spectro-ellipsometric studies of diamond-like carbon films deposited by the plasma decomposition of hydrocarbons.이광렬; 이성규; 이순일, et al
1996-02A study on the ternary blends of polyphenylene sulfide, polysulfone, and liquid crystalline polyesteramide.김병철; 홍순만; 황승상, et al
1996-01Thickness effects of SiOxNy interlayer inserted between BaTiO3 insulating layer and ZnS:Mn phosphor layer in thin film electroluminescent devices송만호; 이윤희; 오명환, et al
1996-01Vibrational spectroscopic evidence for the presence of TiO//6 structural units in titanosilicate molecular sieve ETS-10.홍석봉; 김선진; 어용선
1996-04Effects of a new stacking method on characteristics of multilayered BaTiO//3 thin films.송만호; 이윤희; 오명환, et al