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200001Microwave dielectric properties of (Pb,Ca)[(Fe,Nb)Sn]O3 with CuO-Bi2O3 additives하종윤; 최지원; 윤석진; 윤기현; 김현재
200001Corrosion resistance and magnetic properties of FeXN (X=Hf, CoHf, CrHf) nanocrystalline thin film head materials김기현; 김상록; 김광윤; 한석희; 김희중
200001Purification of carbon nanomaterial and hydrogen storage김창근; 주오심; 정광덕; 한성환; 이재의
200001Development of the on-site assay for methamphetamine최정은; 김춘미; 이정란; 최명자
200001Influence of assay format for measurement of estrogen receptor binding activities: Comparison between redioreceptor assay and fluorescence polarization receptor assay이정란; 최정은; 진창배; 최명자
200001Measurement of estrogen receptor binding activities of estradiol and its endocrine disrupters by homogeneous fluorescence polarization assay이정란; 최정은; 최명자
200001적외선 영상센서 어레이의 성능향상을 위한 초소형 3차원 혼 안테나 어레이의 제조심태석; 문성욱; 황성우; 강호관; 김민철; 오명환
200001A one-photon persistent spectral hole burning in Sm2+-doped Mg0.5Sr0.5FCI0.5Br0.5 at room temperature배현숙; 유병용; 이정일; 변종용; 김창홍; Ju Zhe Jin; 서효진; 장기완
200001Korean phonological viseme for real-time LipSynch based on phoneme recognition by GMM주희열; 안상철; 김형곤; 고한석
200001A nonlinear estimation algorithm, and its optical implementation for the target tracking in clutter environment전주환; T. Kailath; 손정영