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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200111Bi-directional optical cross connect using fiber bragg gratings박정운; 정제명; 정수진; 이상배
199701The characteristics of tilted fiber grating for EDFA gain flattening권서원; 이상배; 김세윤; 최상삼; 박진우
199601Effects of rapid thermal annealing on electrical properties of CBr//4-doped GaAs epilayers grown by atmospheric pressure MOCVD.손창식; 김성일; 민병돈; 이상배; 김은규; 민석기; 최인훈
199504The lasing characteristics of the fiber laser with fiber grating reflectors and its이상배; 전영민; 김상국; 조재철; 손정영; 최상삼; 이병하; Dana Anderson
199902A new all-fiber bidirectional optical cross-connect with tunable fiber Bragg gratings김기훈; 권서원; 박진우; 이상배; 최상삼
199504Fiber Bragg grating 용 광섬유 모재의 KrF eximer 레이저 조사에 의한 광손실 특성의 변화 .이상배; 서원섭; 정해양
199811Multi-channel selectable filter with a pair of chirped fiber bragg gratings권서원; Sung Chul Kang; 김성철; 윤홍; 이상배; 최상삼; 박진우
199805Single-mode eribium-doped fiber ring laser with 5㎑ linewidth.이정찬; 김명욱; 전영민; 김봉규; 이상배; 김상국; 최상삼; 이상선
199102Investigation of resonance characteristics and fabrication of optical fiber resonant ring interferometer.김회종; 백성환; 이영욱; 이상배; 이현재; 김영덕
199806Dynamic-strain measurement with dual-grating fiber sensor송민호; 이상배; 최상삼; 이병호