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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200001Study on glass-to-silicon anodic bonding using hydrophilic process주병권; 이덕중; 장진; 오명환
200001The effect of heat treatments on the electron emission of amorphous carbon film deposited by RF magnetron sputtering method주병권; 장윤택; 이윤희; 안진호; 오명환
200011The fabrication of the suspended thin film resonator(STFR) using AlN piezoelectric김현호; 이시형; 이전국; 오명환; 김수원; 주병권
200011AIN 압전체를 이용한 suspended 압전박막공진기의 제조주병권; 김현호; 이시형; 이전국; 오명환; 김수원
199701Effects of the thickness on the dielectric reliability of multilayered BaTiO3 insulating layer오정훈; 이윤희; 주병권; 박창엽; D. K. Shin; 오명환
199701New packaging method of field emission display using silicon-to-ITO coated glass bonding정지원; 주병권; 최우범; 이덕중; 이윤희; 이남양; Seong Jae Jung; 최두진; 오명환
199701Metal organic chemical vapor deposition of ferroelectric SrBi//2Ta//2O//9 thin films.K. B. Lee; H. S. Lee; K. W. Park; T. W. Kim; M. R. Lee; C. T. Kim; 주병권
199703Modified low-temperature direct bonding method for vacuum microelectronics application주병권; 이덕중; 최우범; 이윤희; 장진; 이광배; 오명환
199702Improvement of electron emission stability of Mo-tip FEAs by DLC coating정재훈; 주병권; 이윤희; 오명환; 장진
199704Fabrication and field emission study of 2-inch DLC coated Si FEAs panel이상조; 강호관; 주병권; 문성욱; 이윤희; 전동렬; 오명환