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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
199804Binary and ternary adsorption of BTX vapors on activated carbon윤정호; 최대기; 김성현
200210Adsorption characteristics of H ₂ /CH ₄ on activated carbon and zeolite 5A beds.Joong-Suck Kim; Min-Bae Kim; 최대기; Chang-Ha Lee
200210Experiment and theoretical study on separation of H ₂ and Ch ₄ mixture by two-column pressure swing adsorption process.Byoung-Uk Choi; 최대기; Sung-Hyun Kim; Chang-Ha Lee; 이병권; 백영선
200210Mechanistic characteristics of the So2 adsorption over surface modified activated carbon and competition of pore distribution on depth with NOx CO-adsorbedYoung-Whan Lee; Hyun-Jin Kim; 최대기; 나병기
200204Characteristics of desorption and regeneration for NO-NO₂-SO₂-O₂ adsorbed on surface-modified activated carbon이영환; 김현진; 박지원; 최병욱; 최대기; 나병기; 박진원
200110Outline for low temperature adsorption and reaction characteristics of NO-NO₂ over chemically-treated activated carbon이영환; 정재훈; 최병욱; 장성철; 윤정호; 최대기; 박진원
200110Equilibrium isotherms of toluene and trichloroethylene onto activated carbon fiber박지원; 이영환; 최대기; 이상순; 안경열
200104Changes in surface chemistry and selective adsorption behavior of SO₂ on impregnated activated carbon using fixed-bed adsorber이영환; 최대기; 박진원
199010Recovery of Au and Ag from acidic thiourea solution by carbon adsorption.오종기; 이응조; 김성규
199401Sulfur dioxide oxidation over the activated lignite char prepared from fluidized bed pyrolysis.서동진; 이중기; 박달근