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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201205Nano Wire FET-type biosensor with a microfluidic Device for combinatorial chemistry김용태; 박상원
201206Comparison of thin film properties of WN diffusion barrier prepared by atomic layer deposition using metal organic and metal halide reactant gases황영현; 조원주; 김용태
201206Optimization and characterization of 600V super junction power MOSFET using a deep trench structure김용태; 정은식; 강이구
201206Electrical characteristics of IGBT using a field stop trench gate structure강이구; 정은식; 김용태
201204Anti-cancer effects of daurinol, a plant arynaphthalane lignan, with low hematological toxicity compared to etoposide강경수; 오승현; 윤지호; 조은혜; 강주희; 둘람자브 바슈렌; 직지드슈렌 툰삭; 박광화; 노주원
201204Inhibititory Effect of Gastrointestinal Lipolysis by Green Tea, Coffee, and Gomchui (Ligularia fischeri) Tea during Simulated Digestion강경수; 차광현; 송대근; 김상민; 이은하; 이희주; 판철호
201207Permeation properties of single gases (SF6, N2, O2, CF4) through hollow fiber polymeric membranes depending on temperature and pressure이민우; 이순재; 김한별; 김성현; 이상협
201207Investigation for gas separation of SF6 and CF4 using polymeric membranes김한별; 이민우; 이순재; 이현경; 이상협
201206Anomalous Decrease in Structural Disorder by Charge Redistribution in Cr-Doped Li4Ti5O12 Anode Materials for High-Rate Li-Ion Batteries송한나; 김형선; 정경윤; 조병원; 김용태
201206Effects of synthetic parameters on structure and electrochemical performance of Li2MnSiO4/C Synthesized by Microwave Assisted Sol-Gel Process최전진; 임원빈; 장원영; 조병원; 김종학; 정경윤