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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201111Study of microbial community compositions in anaerobic digester강현진; 김한신; 한금석; 최영준; 이택준; 이영행; 박희등
201109Analysis of the beat noise induced by the lock-in detection in Brillouin optical correlation domain analysis정지호; 이관일; 송광용; 정제명; 이상배
201107Transmission characteristics of photonic crystal fiber filtarted with high index material엄성훈; 김길환; 임선도; 마경식; 이관일; 정제명; 이상배
201107Variable frequency lock-in detection for Brillouin optical correlation domain analysis정지호; 이관일; 송광용; 정제명; 이상배
201111Development of anaerobic digestion model of monitoring anaerobic methane gas production in municipal wastewater treatment plant이택준; 이영행; 박희등; 강현진; 한금석; 최영준
201111The structure of bacterial communities in membrane bioreactor as revealed by pyrosequencing of 16S rRNA genes한양수; 최성아; 박희등; 조재창; 이영행
201111Evaluation of membrane chemical fouling by formation of CaCO3 scale in wastewater reuse process강남욱; 최정실; 이영행
201107Waveguide grating with ultrafast adjustable transmission임선도; 황인각; 이관일; 이상배
201101Comparison of the mechanisms governing total mercury concentration in precipitation between Korea and China, Air Quality Modeling in Asia 2011 international conference; 김진영; 심상규; X.-S. Zhang
201111Separation Behavior of SF6 Gas in Gaseous Mixture (SF6/N2/O2/CF4) using Multi Stage Polymeric Membrane Process이현정; 이민우; 김한별; 이현경; 이상협