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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201311Assembled graphene oxide films and barrier properties of thermally reduced graphene oxide membranes김선국; 박옥경; 이중희; 구본철
201311Fiber laser fabricated by using nanographene sticker and its mode-locking characteristics박재현; 박기철; Daniel Spoor; Benjamin Hall; Azad Siahmakoun; 송용원
201311Graphene growth by intense pulsed white light under ambient atmosphere and its confirmation with laser mode-locking김원준; 이준수; 이주한; 임대순; 송용원
201311Graphene oxide-dispersed polymer waveguides for passively mode-locked fiber ring lasers김수종; 박기철; 정진우; 김원준; 김진석; 박기환; 송용원
201311Graphene Photonics: Novel preparation approaches for efficient mode-lockers송용원
201308Interface Crystallization of Multilayer Graphene Using a Single-Step Process and Its Application to Nonlinear Optic Devices김원준; 풀락; 이준수; 이주한; 임대순; 송용원
201304Transparent polyimide/graphene nanocomposites containing aminophenyl functionalized graphene장나리; 박옥경; 고문주; 구본철; 유남호
201304Nitrogen/Iodine Co-Doped Graphene for Electrochemical Electrodes이철호; 조한익; 이성호; 길명섭; 조성무
201304Atomically thin carbon nanosheet akin to graphene properties: Facile synthesis and promising application for organic electronics손수영; 이성호; 김태욱; 나석인; 조한익
201305Multilayer graphene synthesized by a single-step process, and its application to mode-locked lasers김원준; 풀락; 이준수; 이주한; 임대순; 송용원