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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201208Estimation of Power Transfer Efficiency and Electromagnetic Fields in an Inductively Coupled Wireless Power Transfer System with Controlled Structures for Electromagnetic Shielding박지혜; 이창민; 김상우
201209Behaviors of Thermal Conductivities in Multicomponent Polymer Composite Sheets Including Core-Shell Particles with Nanoporous Shell Layer김상우
201208Synthesis and Characterization of SiC Nanocomposite Catalyst Supports with Self-Formed Nano-whiskers김인호; 조정호; 문동주; 김상우
201208Artificial Pore Control of Co-Based SiC-MgO Composite Catalysts for Synthetic Fuel Production염희철; 김인호; 문동주; 이관영; 김상우
201210Hydrogen Production From Glycerol Reforming Over Hydrogen Production From Glycerol Reforming Over Ni Based Catalysts문동주; 조수현; 김승훈; 이승환; 김방희; 김상우; Arunabha Datta; 이관영
201202Studies on steam CO2 reforming of methane on Ni-based perovskite-like catalyst for the application in the MeOH synthesis process문동주; 양은혁; 이윤주; 안병성; 남석우; 김상우
201204Steam CO2 reforming of methane over Ni-based catalysts for MeOH-FPSO process양은혁; 조수현; 김승훈; 이재석; 김현진; 안병성; 남석우; 김상우; 문동주
201204Studies on modified Cu/Zn based catalyst for MeOH-FPSO process이수빈; 정재선; 이승환; 김방희; 김상우; 남석우; 안병성; 문동주
201202Studies on effect of structure of support in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis over silica-modified Co-based catalyst문동주; 정재선; 이수빈; 김상우
201210Preparation and Characterization of Modified Cu-ZnO-Al2O3 Catalysts for Methanol Synthesis문동주; HARI PRASAD REDDY KANNAPU; 권태운; 이수빈; 정재선; 이재석; 김현진; 안병성; 김상우