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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201207Hydrodeoxygenation of biomass-derived lignin monomer guaiacol over bifunctional catalysts윤지선; 최재욱; 하정명; 서동진; 이현주
201210Highly durable Pt-supported Nb2O5-SiO2 aerogel catalysts in the aqueous-phas hydrodeoxygenation of 1-propanol류지혜; 서영웅; 김성민; 최재욱; 하정명; 안동준; 서동진
201210Design and preparation of Cu/Zn/Al catalysts using the modified co-precipitation method for the bioalcohol production아델린 부디만; 하정명; 최재욱; 서동진
201210Conversion of Lignocellulose to sugars using ILs and solid catalyst이화정; 하정명; 이관영; 최재욱; 서동진
201210Catalytic conversion of lignin model compounds윤지선; 하정명; 최재욱; 서동진; 이현주
201204Ionic-liquid-supported conversion of lignocellulose to sugars using solid acid catalysts이화정; 하정명; 최재욱; 서동진; 이관영
201204Activity and stability of bifunctional catalysts on the aqueous-phase hydrodeoxygenation of 1-propanol류지혜; 서영웅; 최재욱; 하정명; 서동진; 안동준
201210표면구조제어에 따른 연료전지 촉매의 전기화학적 특성 변화정남기; 정동영; 정영훈; 최광현; 유성종; 성영은
201211The oxygen reduction activity of Ru/C and RuSey/C electrocatalyst in the presence of phosphoric acid장종현; 박희영; 유성종; 이국승; 함형철; 김수길; 황승준; 김형준; 조은애; 헨켄스마이어디억; 남석우; 임태훈