Conference Paper 19,145

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-07Studied of Alkali Metal promoted Cu/ZnO/AL2O3 Catalyst on Higher Alcohol Synthesis문동주; 박지인; 정재선, et al
2016-07Regulation of top-down processing by cortically-projecting parvalbumin positive neurons in basal forebrain최지현; 황은진
2016-07optogenetic interrogation of frontal gamma oscillation in mice최지현
2016-05ElectromyogramActivation Patterns of Vastus Medialis and Tibialis Anterior about Sit-to-stand and Stand-to-sitWearing Lower-limb Exoskeleton황요하; 이종민; 김승종, et al
2016-05Gait Initiation/Termination Intention Recognition from EEG이종민; 김승종; 김형민, et al
2016-04바이오가스내 황화수소 제거를 위한 다양한 흡착제별 흡착 효율 평가최재영; 윤현식
2016-05Modification of bi-composite membrane support layer by macro puncture for membrane distillation application이석헌; 정성필; 이강호, et al
2016-05Effect of organic foulants on membrane distillation for SWRO brine이석헌; 정성필; NGUYEN QUYNH MAI
2016-04부유선별을 이용한 상동광산 광미 비소 무해화최재영; 윤현식; 김도형
2016-04화력발전소 이산화탄소 제거를 위한 광물탄산화 및 생물학적저감기술 개발최재영; 윤현식; 김도형
2016-04지하수오염 측정기술 기반의 간이상수도 원격통합관리시스템 개발최재영; 윤현식; 김도형
2016-05다양한 폐수 및 배기가스 적용 미세조류 배양을 통한 바이오 연료 생산연구최재영; 윤현식
2016-01Carbon dioxide sequestration of flue gas from Yongdong thermal power plant by freshwater microalgae최재영; 윤현식
2016-07Effect of?Stellera chamaejasme?on cutaneous wound healing?in vitro and?in vivo노주원; 이희주; 김명석, et al
2016-07The Stabilizing activity of Sphallerocarpus gracilis extracts and its isolated compounds on lgE-activated mast cells노주원; 김명석; 반츠라크치
2016-07Inhibitory effect of the Larix sibirica and its constituent on the activities of IgE-mediated mast cells.노주원; 김명석; 김선영, et al
2016-06Blue Membranes헨켄스마이어디억
2016-05Automatic Multi-segmentation of Abdominal Organs by Level Set with Weighted Global and Local Forces이득희; 말린다 바니아; 김선희
2016-06Robotic needle guidance in endoscopic discectomy using multi-oriented X-ray fluoroscopic images이득희; 황상철; 윤시엽
2016-07Steam-CO2-Reforming of methane over Ce based metal promoted Ni/MgO-MgAl2O4 structural catalyst안병성; 김상우; 문동주, et al