Conference Paper 19,248

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-07The Design and Fabrication of a Time of Flight-Energy Spectrometer at Korea Institute of Science and Technology송종한; 김준곤; 일랴드스 존, et al
2016-05탄소나노튜브 연속화를 통한 열적 특성이 향상된 유연한 필름제작김성륜; 차지은
2016-07Enhanced Physical Properties of Polyurethane Nanocomposites Incorporating High TemperatureTreated Thin Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes정용채; 임다운; 하유미, et al
2016-10Cultivation of microalgae species in mixed wastewater for biodiesel and useful substance함정엽; 박영태; 김태정, et al
2016-10Synthesis and biological evaluation of marine-derived benzoxazole natural products as anti-cancer agents함정엽; 김태정; 이윤서, et al
2016-10Performance of functional polymer filters for preventing the ultrafine particles by electrospinning정용채; 하유미; Su-Bin LEE, et al
2016-10Adhesion Properties of Mussel-inspired Biopolymer based on Catechol Functionalized Poly(vinyl alcohol)정용채; 임다운; 하유미, et al
2016-10Antimicrobial Activity of Cross-linked Poly (vinyl alcohol) Nanofibers Incorporating Mussel Protein정용채; 임다운; 하유미, et al
2016-09Filtration of ultrafine particles via electrospun filter consists of the functional polymer electrolyte정용채; 하유미; 이수빈, et al
2016-10RGD Conjugated Magnetic Nanoparticles for Directly Targeting Integrin in Glioblastoma Cells이지연; 이한솔; 조승우
2016-10Steam-CO2-Reforming of methane over doped ceria promoted Ni/MgO-MgAl2O4 structural catalyst안병성; 김상우; 문동주, et al
2017-01Webized Augmented Reality Mashup for Legacy Things고희동; 유병현; 서대일, et al
2016-11Webizing Human Interface Devices for Virtual Reality고희동; 유병현; 서대일, et al
2016-10Webized CAD system with HTML5 Annotation on the Web유병현; 서대일
2016-10Expeditious Design Optimization of a Concentric Tube Robot with a Heat-shrink Plastic Tube강성철; 이득희; 이우섭, et al
2016-10Volume change of expanded graphite via inductively coupled plasma treatment and mutual relation between expansion volume and thermal conductivity of polymer composites이헌수; 김성륜; 김우영, et al
2016-10Electrical conductivity of nano-compounds filled with highly dispersed multi-walled carbon nanotube via in situ polymerization김성륜; 장지운
2016-10Electrical and mechanical properties of flexible multi-walled carbon nanotube/cyclic butylene terephthalate composite film김성륜; 차지은
2016-10Internal structure analysis using non-destructive testing for dispersion of fillers in polymer nanocomposites김성륜; 김현수
2016-05동물 모델을 이용한 단기, 장기적 스트레스에 따른 심박변이도와 혈중 코르티코스테론 분석윤인찬; 박성희; 박다정