Conference Paper 19,232

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-07Influence of structural properties on RF and microwave characteristics of BaSrTiO ₃ films on various substrates.S.F. Karmanenko; A.I. Dekyk; N.N. Isakov, et al
2003-04Electrokinetically flow-induced streaming potential through the charged microchannel of asymmetric membrane pores.이태석; 전명석
1994-01Surfactant-activated electrorheological suspensions.김영대; D. J. Klingenberg
1996-03Anaerobic filter treatment of industrial wastewater : simultaneous removal of organics and heavy metals.정윤철; 정진영
1989-10Pharmacological effects of higenamine박찬웅
1988-01Thermo-optic coefficients of ZrF4-based glasses조운조; 최상삼; 한택상, et al
1992-11CAD/CAM/CAE system for autobody stamping dies.금영탁; 박세형; H. J. In, et al
2001-11Development of one-step fluorescence polarization immunoassay of progesteroneLong Thanh Su; 김영옥; 홍지연, et al
2000-11Oxidation of monocyclic aromatic-hydrocarbon with molecular oxygen, catalysed by N-hydroxyphthalimide combined with Fe/MgO조성훈; 정민석; 한성환
2000-10Computer-aided innovative mechanical design framework차주헌; 이인호; 김재정
1999-111.55 ㎛ laser diode integrated with a tapered ridge mode transformer이기민; 변영태; 양지상, et al
2000-12Estimation of Young's modulus and apparent density of human trabecular bone by spherical indentation test and CT배태수; 이태수; 강승백, et al
1999-01A mammalian death effector domain triggers bacterial cell death.이상원; 고영규; 김기선, et al
1998-04게이트 절연체의 구조에 따른 전계 방출 소자의 특성에 관한 연구김훈; 주병권; 정재훈, et al
1999-05The design of the synthetic peptides with a structural motif that can inhibit membrane-fusion ability of HIV-1 envelop glycoprotein gp41진봉석; 유연규
1999-02Holographic video system using fourier transform method adapted to 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional data calculation김성규; Sergei A. Shestak; 손정영, et al
1998-06고효율 가스터빈 주조 블레이드 기술동향 및 제조공정 ( 방향성 및 단결정 )안성욱
1997-09Experiments on depth from magnification and blurring.안상철; 이석한; Ashok Meyyappan, et al
1996-05Surface modification of polyurethanes for bacteria-repellence.한동근; 김영하; 김영수, et al
1997-10Solution structure of an interaction motif of EPRS by NMR정의준; 방숙희; 김성훈, et al