Conference Paper 19,248

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995-01Remediation of soil-bound polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons using nonionic surfactants,.염익태; M. M. Ghosh; C. D. Cox
1995-01Influence of the charge carrier contribution on the dielectric permittivity of a LiTaO ₃ type crystal.주기태; Dong Ming; J. M. Reau, et al
1995-04The lasing characteristics of the fiber laser with fiber grating reflectors and its이상배; 전영민; 김상국, et al
1995-10Friction and wear of nitrogen incorporated diamond-like carbon films under a vacuum.윤의성; 공호성; 이광렬, et al
1995-01Universal Venturi tubes: wave suppression and flow performanceA. Selamet; N. S. Dickey; 김영일, et al
1995-12Effect of dopants on thermal stability of polypyrrole.김정엽; 김동영; 이준영, et al
1995-10The syntheses and structure-activity relationships of new 3-substituted propenyl cephalosporins이정태; 김양준; 고훈영, et al
1995-07Characteristics of SiNx films on wet-etched Si for field emission device정재훈; 주병권; 이윤희, et al
1996-01Carbon doping characteristics of GaAs epilayers grown by MOCVD on GaAs substrates with various crystal orientations.손창식; 민병돈; 박만장, et al
1996-01A green light-emitting diode with a copolymer of an alternating structure.김영철; 김정엽; 조현남, et al
1995-06Study on the development of carbapenem antibiotics조정혁
1995-11An interframe coding technique based on motion segmentation.김형곤; 이제호; 권용무
1996-01초미세 금속박막을 삽입한 Electrochromic device(ECD) 의 과학 및 전기화학적 특성 = Optical and electrochemical properties of electrochromic(EC) device with ultra thin metallic layers.박인철; 주재백; 이철환, et al
1996-01The anticlastogenic effects of cinnamaldehyde on supravital staining in vivo micronucleus assay with mouse peripheral blood reticulocytes.류재천; K.R. Kim; H.J. Kim, et al
1996-01Generation of modified cutting condition using network for an operation planning system.박면웅; 노형민; 박병태
1995-08Experimental investigation on the mass transfer characteristics of a mechanically agitated slurry reactor for the liquid phase methanol synthesis catalyst이병권; 박건유; 이성규
1996-01Correlation of NMR relaxation behavior, surface morphology, and reverse osmosis (RO) characteristics in aromatic polyamide composite membranes곽승엽; 김재진; 김은영
1996-01Development of microstructure and texture in cross rolled and recrystallized low carbon steel.허무영; 안재평; 박용범
1996-01Design constraints 를 이용한 기계 설계 지원 시스템 .차주헌
1996-01Formation of circular-shaped crystalline phases embedded in amorphous PbTiO//3 thin films grown by MOCVD.염상섭; 왕채연; 김용태