Conference Paper 19,248

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996-01Determination of oxidation state of tin by photoemission and AES: using SnOx thin films grown by reactive ion assisted deposition최원국; J.S. Cho; H.G. Jang, et al
1996-05Strip-shaped diamond field emitter arrays fabricated by transfer mold technique for FED applications이윤희; 오명환; 주병권, et al
1997-01Post-treatment induced resistivity changes of undoped diamond thin films이범주; 박영준; 안병태, et al
1997-01Microstructure and microwave dielectric properties of (Zn1-xMx)TiO3, M=Ba, Ca, and Sr김윤호
1997-01Force-guided robotic assembly based on perturbation/correlation이수용
1996-07Fabrication and field emission study of gated diamondlike-carbon-coated silicon tips.이상조; 주병권; 이윤희, et al
1997-01Image database indexing and hashing by the multidimensional scalingA.Ya. Grigoriev; 공호성
1997-01Evaluation of the genetic toxicity of synthetic chemicals (V) - supravital staining micronucleus assay with 17 compounds using peripheral blood reticulocytes in mice류재천; K.-R. Kim; H.-J. Kim, et al