ETC 1,520

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-02RNA structure: TetraloopsHae-Kap Cheong; 김낙균; Chaejoon Cheong
2015-04Design of a platform-technology for systemic delivery of siRNA to tumors using rolling circle transcription안형준
2015-08Corrigendum: Functional transformations of bile acid transporters induced by high-affinity macromoleculesTaslim A. Al-Hilal; Seung Woo Chung; Jooho Park, et al
2015-09초고감도 고선택성 테라헤르츠 분자 센서 응용서민아
2015-06Structure and sequence elements of the CR4/5 domain of medaka telomerase RNA important for telomerase function김낙균
2015-10Overview of long term clinical study performed in Korea한형섭; 석현광; 김유찬
2015-10Review on the recent PM2.5 studies in China김유미; 김진영; 이승복, et al
2015-10Nanostructured carbon materials문명운; 김호영; A. Wang, et al
2015-10Advances in liquid crystalline nano-carbon materials: preparation of nano-carbon based lyotropic liquid crystal and their fabrication of nano-carbon fibers with liquid crystalline spinning최용문; 정진; 황준연, et al
2015-08양자암호시스템을 위한 단일광자검출기이민수; 김용수; 한상욱, et al
2015-06Erratum to: Fluorescent Dye Labeled Iron Oxide/Silica Core/Shell Nanoparticle as a Multimodal Imaging ProbeEue Soon Jang; Seung Yong Lee; Eui-Joon Cha, et al
2014-12Microtubule-Targeting Agents Enter the Central Nervous System (CNS): Double-edged Swords for Treating CNS Injury and Disease허은미; Lee, Byoung Dae
2015-10탄소나노복합소재 기술개발 및 산업화 동향구본철
2015Genetically Encoded Protein Sensors of Membrane PotentialDouglas Storace; 마소드; Zhou Han, et al
2015-04Molecular imaging and targeted drug delivery using albumin-based nanoparticles이지영; 이장욱; 장혜윤, et al
2015-06New Nanoscale Materials:Graphene Quantum Dots손동익; 최원국
2011-02Small molecule modulators of antioxidant response pathway허우영; Nathanael S Gray
2013-12Nrf2 활성화를 통한 세포내 항산화 반응을 일으키는 화합물허우영
2015-04Large-area graphene and carbon nanosheets for organic electronics: synthesis and growth mechanism조한익; 배수강; 이성호, et al