VLS-like growth and characterizations of dense ZnO nanorods grown by e-beam process

VLS-like growth and characterizations of dense ZnO nanorods grown by e-beam process
D. C. AgarwallR. S. ChauhanD. K. AvasthiI. SulaniaD. KabirajP. Thakur채근화Amit ChawlaR. ChandraS. B. OgaleG. PellegriniP. Mazzoldi
ZnO; Nanorods; NEXAFS
Issue Date
Journal of physics D, applied physics
VOL 42, 035310-1-035310-6
We present a new approach to produce ZnO nanorods in a reproducible manner at a temperature lower than other physical vapour deposition techniques, such as the vapour–liquid–solid mechanism. Arrays of well-aligned ZnO nanorods of uniform diameter have been synthesized on the Si substrate precoated with Au, using a simple electron beam evaporation method without the flow of any carrier gas. Scanning electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy characterizations show that as-grown nanorods are well aligned and uniform in diameter. X-ray diffraction measurements and clear lattice fringes in high-resolution transmission electron microscopy image show the growth of good quality polycrystalline hexagonal ZnO nanorods and a 0 0 2 growth direction. The polarization-dependent studies of near edge x-ray absorption fine structure (NEXAFS) are performed to investigate the electronic structure of the zinc and oxygen ions. The analysis of NEXAFS spectra at different angles of incidence of photon flux indicates the formation of ZnO nanorods having anisotropic behaviour of O and Zn states. The photoluminescence spectrum exhibits strong ultraviolet emission at 385 nm and the UV–visible spectrum also shows a band-gap transition around 390 nm indicating the good quality of nanorods. The catalytic growth mechanism of the ZnO nanorods is discussed on the basis of experimental results in this work.
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