Electric field control of spins in a silicon two-dimensional electron gas

Electric field control of spins in a silicon two-dimensional electron gas
R. JANSEN민병철S.P. DASHR.S. PatelM. P. De Jong
Issue Date
2009 APS March Meeting
Electric ¯eld control of spins in a silicon two- dimensional electron gas. R. JANSEN, B.C. MIN, S. P. DASH, R. S. PATEL, M. P. DE JONG, University of Twente, MESA+ Insti- tute for Nanotechnology, The Netherlands; A key objective in the development of semiconductor spintronics is the active control of spins in semiconductors. The manipulation by electric rather than magnetic ¯elds is preferred as this is more e±cient for nanoscale high frequency devices. Proposals for electric spin control, for example for use in a spin transistor, have so far focused on mechanisms that require spin-orbit in- teraction. Unfortunately, in silicon, the mainstream semiconductor, the weak spin-orbit interaction renders these mechanisms unsuited. Hence, alternative approaches are paramount to the success of semiconductor spintronics. Here we demonstrate spin control by electric ¯elds in a sil- icon two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG), exploiting the discrete elec- tronic structure of the 2DEG. This, in combination with an electric ¯eld, allows spin manipulation without the need for spin-orbit interaction. The spin control is manifested as resonances in the tunnel magnetore- sistance between the Si 2DEG and a ferromagnetic tunnel contact, with amplitude of up to 8%.
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