One-step Electrochemical Preparation of V2O5/Polypyrrole Composite Films Electrode

One-step Electrochemical Preparation of V2O5/Polypyrrole Composite Films Electrode
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대한화학회 제103회 총회 및 학술발표회
The composites of conducting polymer and layer-structured metal oxide are of great interest as cathode materials for the rechargeable Li batteries. Polypyrrole(PPy) of high conductivity and two-dimensional V2O5 composites can offer larger capacities because of the large surface accessibility and the shorter Li+ diffusion lengths. In this work, V2O5 and polypyrrole composite (PPy/V2O5) film was grown by a onestep electrochemical polymerization method, simply applying anodic potential of +2.0 V at a stainless steel gauze electrode in a solution containing pyrrole monomer and well dispersed V2O5particles. The crystal structure, the composition, and the morphologies of the V2O5/PPy composites were examined by a X-ray diffractometer, a FT-IR spectrophotometer, a thermal gravity analyser and a scanning electron microscopy. Electrochemical performance of the V2O5/PPy composite electrodes was tested by assembling coin-type (CR2032) cells with a battery test system (Maccor series 4000). The cell was assembled in a dry room and cycled galvanostatically on a multichannel battery test mode. The initial discharge capacity above 250 mAhg-1 in the voltage range of 1.5-4.0 V. The intercalation capacity and discharge/charge rate of the V2O5/PPy composite film cathode are considerably better than V2O5-only electrodes.
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