Evaluation of the Removal Characteristics of Pollutants in Storm Runoff Depending on the Media Properties

Evaluation of the Removal Characteristics of Pollutants in Storm Runoff Depending on the Media Properties
강우유출수; 여과; 펄라이트; 합성여재; 폐색; Storm Runoff; Filtration; Perlite; Synthetic Resin; Clogging
Issue Date
大韓環境工學會誌; Journal of Korean Society of Environmental Engineers
VOL 31, NO 7, 483-490
The aims of this study were to evaluate the removal efficiency for various pollutants in urban storm runoff by a filtration device, and to determine design parameters depending on filter media properties. Appropriate selection of filter media will affect the size and life time of the filtration device. Sets of column tests were performed in order to evaluate the removal efficiency by perlite and a synthetic resin. An investigation of surface properties including CEC (cation exchange capacity) and zeta-potential suggested that the perlite had a superior adsorption capability for cationic pollutants. TCODcr and turbidity were analyzed to investigate the removal characteristic of particulate pollutant. In both columns, the particles in the collected storm runoff was almost completely capture with a small EBCT (empty bed contact time) of 2.5 minutes. Complete clogging at the EBCT of 2.5 minutes occurred after 630 minutes in the perlite column and 810 minutes in the resin column. The removal efficiency of TCODcr and turbidity at the EBCT of 2.5 minutes decreased to below 70% due to an wall effect. The removal efficiency for dissolved pollutant (SCODcr) was negligible due to the insufficient contact time for adsorption. The removal of heavy metals (Cu, Zn, Pb) was mostly ascribed to the filtration of particles containing metals, since the relationship between CEC and the removal efficiency was not apparent. The result of this study would be valuable for the application of filtration device to control of urban storm runoff.
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