Optimization of LC-MS/MS for the Analysis of Sulfamethoxazole by using Response Surface Analysis

Optimization of LC-MS/MS for the Analysis of Sulfamethoxazole by using Response Surface Analysis
액체크로마토그래프-텐덤형 질량분석기; 설파메톡사졸; 통계학적 최적화; 반응표면분석법; 항생제; LC-MS/MS; Sulfamethoxazole; Statistical Optimization; Response Surface Analysis; Antibiotics
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大韓環境工學會誌; Journal of Korean Society of Environmental Engineers
VOL 33, NO 10, 825-830
Pharmaceutical compounds enter the water environment through the diverse pathways. Because their concentration in the water environment was frequently detected in the level of ppt to ppb, the monitoring system should be optimized as much as possible for finding appropriate management policies and technical solutions. One Factor At a Time (OFAT) approach approximating the response with a single variable has been preferred for the optimization of LC-MS/MS operational conditions. However, it is common that variables in analytical instruments are interdependent. Therefore, the best condition could be found by using the statistical optimization method changing multiple variables at a time. In this research, response surface analysis (RSA) was applied to the LC-MS/MS analysis of emerging antibiotic compound, sulfamethoxazole, for the best sensitivity. In the screening test, fragmentation energy and collision voltage were selected as independent variables. They were changed simultaneously for the statistical optimization and a polynomial equation was fit to the data set. The correlation coefficient, R2 value represented 0.9947 and the error between the predicted and observed value showed only 3.41% at the random condition, fragmentation energy of 60 and collision voltage of 17 eV. Therefore, it was concluded that the model derived by RSA successfully predict the response. The optimal conditions identified by the model were fragmentation energy of 116.6 and collision voltage of 10.9 eV. This RSA can be extensively utilized for optimizing conditions of solid-phase extraction and liquid chromatography.
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