Combinatorial Synthesis of Novel 2-Phenylimino-1,3-thiazolines : Selective Fungicidal Activity

Combinatorial Synthesis of Novel 2-Phenylimino-1,3-thiazolines : Selective Fungicidal Activity
pesticide; agrochemical; new fungicide; 2-phenylimino-1,3-thiazoline; combinatorial synthesis; rice blast
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1st China-Japan-Korea Workshop on Pesticide Science
The design and synthesis of new fungicides pose a continuing challenge in the field of agricultural chemistry, because of the persistent problem of resistance development, as well as economic and environmental pressures to find compounds with high activity and low toxicity. Synthetic methods available for the construction of heterocyclic molecules can be used to affect a number of valuable synthetic transformation and much of the research in heterocyclic chemistry is concerned with the development of new methods for heterocyclic ring formation. We report here the syntheses of novel 2-phenylimino-1,3-thiazoline derivatives which showed fungicidal activity against rice blast with selectivity. The combinatorial library of the compounds was constructed by the reaction of 3 components, γ-chloroactoacetanilides, anilines and isothiocyanates in a parallel synthetic fashion. Lead optimization proceeded based on the structure-activity relationships through the molecular modification of the side chains of the 2-imino-1,3-thiazoline scaffold. The synthesized compounds were screened against 6 kinds of typical plant fungi. Primary biological assay resulted that some compounds showed high fungicidal activity against rice blast (Pyricularia grisea). The proposed mode of action will be presented.
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