Performance Evaluation of a Double Layer Biofilter System to Control Urban Road Runoff (I) : System Design

Performance Evaluation of a Double Layer Biofilter System to Control Urban Road Runoff (I) : System Design
강우 유출수; 설계 강우강도; 이중층 토양여과; 파일럿; Design rainfall intensity; Double layer soil filtration; Pilot; Storm runoff
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VOL 23, NO 5, 599-608
This manuscript covers the results of field investigation and lab-scale experiments to design a double-layered biofilter system to control urban storm runoff. The biofilter system consisted of a coarse soil layer (CSL) for filtration and fine soil layer (FSL) for adsorption and biological degradation. The variations of flow rate and water quality of runoff from a local expressway were monitored for seven storm events. Laboratory column experiments were performed using seven kinds of soil and mulch to maximize pollutants removal. The site mean concentration (SMC) of storm runoff from the drainage area (runoff coefficient: 0.92) was measured to be 203 mg/L for SS, 307 mg/L for TCODCr, 12.3 mg/L for TN, 7.3 mg/L for NH4 +-N, and 0.79 mg/L for TP, respectively. This study employed a new design concept, to cover the maximum rainfall intensity with one month recurrence interval. Effective storms for last ten years (1998-2007) i seoul suggested the design rainfral intensity to be 8.8 mm/hr.single layer soil column showed the maximum removal rate of pollutants load when the uniformity coefficient of CSL was 1.58 and the silt/clay contents of FSL was virtually 7%. The removal efficiency during operation of double layer soil column was 98% for SS and turbidity, 75% for TCODCr, 56% for NH4 +-N, 87% for TP, and 73-91% for heavy metals. The hydraulic conductivity of the soil column, 0.023 cm/sec, suggested that the swface area of the biofilter system should be about 1% of the drainage area to treat the rainfall intensity of one month recurrence interval.
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