The promoting effect of gold nanoparticles on dye-sensitized solar cells

The promoting effect of gold nanoparticles on dye-sensitized solar cells
solar cells; DSSC; gold
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19th International Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference and Exhibition
TiO2 incorporated with gold nanoparticles has been attracted due to the typical optical properties of gold nanoparticles known as a localized surface plasmon resonance. One of the promising applications of TiO2 incorporated with gold nanoparticles would be a dye sensitized solar cells (DSSC) where mesoporous TiO2 films were generally used for adsorbing the dye molecules and transporting photogenerated electrons. In order to investigate the effect of gold nanoparticles on DSSC various Au-TiO2 films were applied instead of TiO2, and those optical properties and solar cell performances were compared. Specifically, the Au-TiO2 powders with different density and size of gold nanoparticles were firstly prepared via a leaching method. Using those powders, Au-TiO2 pastes were prepared followed by the deposition those onto conducting glasses via a doctor-blade method. Importantly, there was not apparent difference in the dye-adsorption in between the Au-TiO2 and the TiO2 films which enable us to corelate solar cell efficiency with the gold nanoparticle effect. The details of characterization and solar cell performance of the DSSC with Au-TiO2 will be discussed in the presentation.
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