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dc.description.abstractDetermining the exact amount of light absorption in component layers comprising thin films solar cells is of utmost importance in studying the cell efficiency in relation with the cell structure and the optical characteristics of materials. In most of the previous optical simulation studies, the estimation of light absorption in individual layer was limited to the case of totally flat surface and interfaces, and usual simulation steps were composed of calculating the reflectance of individual layer and determining the energy absorbed by combining the absorption coefficient and the incoming light energy which was determined from the calculated reflectance. The application of the above mentioned method for thin film solar cells, however, will results in unrealistic estimation of adsorbed energy because the surfaces of thin film solar cells are usually rough and sometimes textured in order to enhance the light trapping efficiency. Because of the surface roughness whether natural or textured intentionally, the incoming light is scattered at the surface or interfaces and the interference effect is reduced which could lead to unrealistic estimation of absorbed energy. In this study, proposed is a new optical simulation method in which the amount of alight absorption can be calculated more correctly by taking into consideration of optical path at each surface and through the individual layers. The proposed simulation method is based on ray tracing technique, and the absorbed energy was determined by applying Beer’s law at each optical path and then integrating them. In the presentation, the wavelength dependent absorption energies, which are simulated by applying the proposed ray tracing technique for totally flat surface and various textured surfaces, will be compared and analyzed.-
dc.publisher19th International Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference and Exhibition-
dc.titleAn optical simulation algorithm based on ray tracing technique for light absorption in thin tilm solar cells-
dc.typeConference Paper-
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