Effect of heat treatment of sputter deposited ZnO films co-doped with H and Al

Effect of heat treatment of sputter deposited ZnO films co-doped with H and Al
Hydrogen doping; ZnO; Transparent conducting oxide; Magnetron sputtering; Annealing
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Journal of electroceramics
VOL 23, 468-473
ZnO films co-doped with H and Al (HAZO) were prepared by sputtering ZnO targets containing Al2O3 dcontent of 1 (HA1ZO series) and 2 wt.% (HA2ZO series) on Corning glass (Eagle 2000) at substrate temperature of 150 °C with Ar and H2/Ar gas mixtures. The effects of hydrogen addition to Al-doped ZnO (AZO) films with different Al contents on the electrical, optical and structural properties of the as-grown films as well as the vacuum- and air-annealed films were examined. For the as-deposited films, the free carrier number in both series of HAZO films increased with increasing H2 content in sputter gas. HA2ZO film series prepared from target containing 2 wt.% Al2O3 showed better crystallinity and higher carrier concentration than HA1ZO film series deposited using target containing 1 wt.% Al2O3. The crystallinity and the Hall mobility of HA2ZO film series decreased with increasing H2 content in sputter gas, while those of HA1ZO film series showed a reversed behavior. Although HA2ZO film series yielded lower resistivity than HA1ZO film series due to higher carrier concentrations, the higher figure of merit (expressed as 1/ρα, where ρ and α represents the resistivity and absorption coefficient, respectively) was observed for HA1ZO film series because of substantially low absorption loss in these films. When annealed in air ambient, HA1ZO film series showed much stronger stability than HA2ZO film series. Vacuum-annealing resulted in drop of the carrier concentrations as well as large shrinkage in lattice constant, which indicated that the hydrogen dopants are in relatively volatile state and can be removed easily from the films upon annealing.
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