Spatial distribution of black carbon concentrations over roads in the Nowon-gu district of Seoul, Korea

Spatial distribution of black carbon concentrations over roads in the Nowon-gu district of Seoul, Korea
black carbon; vehicle emission
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AAAR 28th Annual Conference
Mega-city air is contaminated with vehicle exhaust. Drivers on roads and passengers at the roadside are easily exposed to a flume of vehicle exhaust with high concentration. In Korea, much governmental effort such as retrofit of diesel particulate filters has been made since the year of 2005 for improving air quality of a Mega-city of Seoul. In addition, implementation of ‘Environmental Zone (or Low Emission Zone)’, where old heavy-duty vehicles with much emission are not allowed to be driven on the roads, is being discussed recently. In this study, black carbon concentrations over roads were monitored with a portable aethalometer during driving on several major roads in the Nowon-gu district of Seoul in order to obtain their spatial distribution. The portable aetahlometer was installed inside a passenger car, and its inlet was connected to a plenum with a sampling tube that reached to a front bumper. The measurement was carried out twice in the early morning and once in the afternoon. It took about two and half hours to travel totally 30 km in length. Location data from GPS were logged with black carbon data. The black carbon concentrations measured in the afternoon ranged 0.2~71 (average: 13) micro-gram per cubic meter, which were higher than those in early morning. This trend was consistent to that at the roadside on a previous study. Nanoparticle surface area concentrations deposited on the alveolar region of a lung were also measured with black carbon for about one hour in the early morning. The nanoparticle surface area showed more sensitive response to vehicle exhaust emitted from neighboring vehicles. It was easy to find out which road should be managed to reduce the exposure to severely polluted vehicle exhaust by virtue of the spatial distribution of black carbon concentrations on major roads at the test bed.
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