Influence of GDC Interlayer Structure on Electrochemical Performance of LSCF Cathode-based SOFCs

Influence of GDC Interlayer Structure on Electrochemical Performance of LSCF Cathode-based SOFCs
SOFC; Cathode
Issue Date
9th European SOFC Forum
, 10-172-10-176
Nowadays LSCF is a mostly highlighted cathode material for intermediate temperature SOFCs due to its superior mixed ionic and electronic conductivity as well as fairly well matched thermal expansion coefficient with other cell component. However many researchers still had lots of difficulties to apply the LSCF material to the conventional cell fabrication process, especially of the zirconia-based electrolyte system. It is already known that for the application of LSCF cathode to zirconia-based electrolyte, the effective formation of cathode interlayer is essential to prohibit any detrimental interfacial reaction between the electrolyte and the cathode. However it was still not suggested an effective way to fabricate an interlayer without any interfacial problems due to relatively higher sintering temperature of LSCF. Higher sintering temperature of LSCF makes more accelerating the decomposition and/or evaporation of constituent elements and their diffusion either via gas phase or solid phase into the electrolyte interface, resulted in the formation of undesirable reaction product such as SrZrO3 which is very resistive on electrical conduction as well as electrochemical reaction. In this study, various fabrication techniques were applied to find out the effective way of interlayer formation without any deterioration of electrochemical performance. We evaluated the power generating characteristics of each unit cell with different interlayer condition and investigated the cathode polarization behavior in terms of the microstructural difference of cathode interlayer.
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