The Effects of the Pd-TiN Seed Layer on the Magnetic properties of Co/Pd multilayered media

The Effects of the Pd-TiN Seed Layer on the Magnetic properties of Co/Pd multilayered media
Co/Pd multilayer; Pd-TiN seed layer; perpendicular magnetic recording media; seed layer
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MMM-Intermag 2010
We have investigated a seed layer for the Co/Pd multilayered perpendicular recording media which is required to not only work as a nucleation site for physically isolated Co/Pd grains, but also be as thin as in order to minimize spacing loss. In these aspects, attempts were made to modify the microstructure of Co/Pd multilayered media and to reduce its grain size by utilizing granular Pd-TiN thin film as a seed layer. At First, Pd-TiN seed layer (15nm) was deposited by using dc magnetron co-sputtering system on a glass substrate. Deposition rates of TiN and Pd were monitored and volume percent of TiN with respect to Pd was calculated. Sequentially, the [Co(0.2nm)/Pd(0.8nm)]20 multilayer was deposited by using dc magnetron sputtering system. The deposition processes were conducted under Ar carrier gas ambient without any heating process and the base pressure was better than 5×10-8 Torr. Magnetic properties of manufactured samples were measured by VSM and the microstructure of Pd-TiN seed layer and Co/Pd multilayer were characterized by HR-TEM. HR-TEM results (Fig.1) show that the columnar Co/Pd multilayer grains with clear boundaries grew on the Pd-TiN(20 vol %) seed layer. The apparent grain boundaries were thought to cause the magnetic exchange decoupling between Co/Pd grains, causing an increase of perpendicular coercivity (Fig.2) and a decrease of magnetic cluster size of Co/Pd multilayered media. There results suggested that the Pd-TiN seed layer contributed to the formation of well-separated Co/Pd multilayered grains, improving the magnetic properties of Co/Pd multilayered media.
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