Photoluminescence analysis of MBE-grown InAs quantum dots in Al(Ga)As matrix

Photoluminescence analysis of MBE-grown InAs quantum dots in Al(Ga)As matrix
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, P1-182
The system of InAs quantum dots (QDs) in indirect bandgap Al(Ga)As matrix is not fully understood compared to the similar system of InAs QDs in GaAs matrix. Though the lattice constants of GaAs and Al(Ga)As are similar, but due to the bandgap alignment, the optical properties of two systems are quite different. Some papers have been published about the optical properties of InAs QDs in an Al(Ga)As matrix which has an indirect bandgap [1]. We have grown InAs QDs in Al(Ga)As matrix by Stranski-Krastanow (S-K) growth mode using molecular beam epitaxy. The composition of Al in Al(Ga)As layer have been changed from 95% to 30%. We observed optical features from these InAs QDs by measuring the temperature-dependent and power-dependent photoluminescence (PL). In low temperature PL measurement, we observed that there is only one peak at 831nm from the sample contains InAs QDs in Al0.3Ga0.7As matrix, which is the peak from the GaAs substrate. As we increased the Al composition up to 95% in AlGaAs matrix which contains InAs QDs, broad peaks around 750nm were observed. The origins of these peaks are not fully-defined. The normally-forbidden Γ-X transition in AlGaAs material can be a possible theory [2].
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