Isolation of hallophilic Clostridium sp. BS-5 for alcohol production

Isolation of hallophilic Clostridium sp. BS-5 for alcohol production
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2010 한국생물공학회
Butanol and ethanol could be good alternative biofuels for transportation. The bio- butanol and ethanol can be produced simultaneously in cultures of solventogenic Clostridium species through the acetone–butanol–ethanol (ABE) fermentation. For the isolation of microorganism capable of producing only butanol and ethanol without the acetone production, tidal flat samples were collected from seashore area of Tae-An, Korea. The isolated bacterium was designated Clostridium sp. nov. BS-5 and its 16S rDNA revealed 96% similarity to Clostirdium algidixylanolyticum SPL73T. Clostridium sp. nov. BS-5 produced acetone, ethanol, butanol, acetic acid, and butyric acid using glucose as a carbon source. To improve alcohol production, P2 medium modified with 3% sea salt was used and 0~20 g/L of yeast extract was initially added to investigate the effects of trace nutrients on two alcohol production. Ethanol and butanol concentration increased by the addition of yeast extract, up to 5 g/L. Clostridium sp. nov. BS-5 produced 18 g/L of alcohols with the yield of 0.47 g/L/g. This result shows that Clostridium sp. nov. BS-5 is a promising new microorganism for the production of two alcohols.
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