Construction of Cuprous Oxide Electrodes Composed of 2D Single-Crystalline Dendritic Nanosheets

Construction of Cuprous Oxide Electrodes Composed of 2D Single-Crystalline Dendritic Nanosheets
cuprous oxide; electrodeposition; dendritic; nanosheets; photocurrent; 2E21551
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VOL 6, NO 19, 2183-2190
An unusual anisotropic growth of Cu2O is stabilized via the electrochemical synthesis of Cu2O in the presence of Ag+ ions, which results in the formation of Cu2O electrodes composed of 2D sheetlike crystals containing complex dendritic patterns. It is quite unusual for Cu2O to form a 2D morphology since it has a 3D isotropic cubic crystal structure where the a , b , and c axes are equivalent. Each Cu2O sheet is singlecrystalline in nature and is grown parallel to the {110} plane, which is rarely observed in Cu2O crystal shapes. A various set of experiments are performed to understand the role of Ag + ions on the 2D growth of Cu2O. The results show that Ag + ions are deposited as silver islands on already growing Cu2O crystals and serve as nucleation sites for the new growth of Cu2O crystals. As a result, the growth direction of the newly forming Cu2O crystals is governed by the diffusion layer structure created by the pre-existing Cu2O crystals, which results in the formation of 2D dendritic patterns. The thin 2D crystal morphology can signifi cantly increase the surface-to-volume ratio of Cu2O crystals, which is benefi cial for enhancing various electrochemical and photoelectrochemical properties of the electrodes. The photoelectrochemical properties of the Cu2O electrodes composed of 2D dendritic crystals are investigated and compared to those of 3D dendritic crystals. This study provides a unique and effective route to maximize the {110} area per unit volume of Cu2O, which will be benefi cial for any catalytic/sensing abilities that can be anisotropically enhanced by the {110} planes of Cu2O.
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