A Preparative Method for Isolation of Fucoxanthin from Eisenia bicyclis by Centrifucal Partition Chromatography

A Preparative Method for Isolation of Fucoxanthin from Eisenia bicyclis by Centrifucal Partition Chromatography
brown algae; liquid biphase; carotenoid; centrifugal partition chromatography; Eisenia bicyclis; fucoxanthin
Issue Date
Phytochemical analysis : PCA
VOL 22, NO 4, 322-329
Introduction – Eisenia bicyclis (Kjellman) Setchell (Laminariaceae) is a common brown alga that inhabits around the coast of Korea, Japan and China. It contains fucoxanthin, a major carotenoid of brown algae which shows a variety of pharmaceutical functions. Objective – The aim of this investigation was the quantification and preparative isolation of fucoxanthin from fresh E. bicyclis using a new separation scheme, centrifugal partition chromatography (CPC). Methodology – The fucoxanthin fraction (Fuco fraction) was prepared by solvent partition method from the acetone extract of fresh E. bicyclis. Fuco fraction was used for CPC using a two-phase solvent system of n-hexane–ethyl acetate–ethanol–water (5:5:7:3, v/v/v/v). The flow rate of mobile phase was 2 mL/min with descending mode while rotating at 1000 rpm. The eluate was monitored at 410 nm.The content and structure of fucoxanthin in the CPC fractionwere confirmed with HPLC, UV, APCI/MS and NMR spectra. Results – A preparative CPC yielded 20 mg of fucoxanthin (87% recovery from Fuco fraction) in a two-step separation from 516 mg of Fuco fraction containing 4.59% fucoxanthin. The purity of the isolated fucoxanthin was about 81% in the first CPC step and over 98% in the second CPC step based on the calibration curve. The isolated fucoxanthin was identified as all-trans-fucoxanthin with APCI/MS (parent ion at m/z 641 [M + H - H2O]+) and 1H, 13C and 2-D NMR spectra. Conclusion – High-purity fucoxanthin was successfully isolated from fresh E. bicyclis, suggesting further potential applications in the industrial use of this valuable carotenoid.
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