New phenazine and pyrrole from a marine actinomycete, strain CNQ-509

New phenazine and pyrrole from a marine actinomycete, strain CNQ-509
박진수권학철William Fenical
marine bacterium; actinomycete; new phenazine; new pyrrole
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The Korean Society for Microbiology and Biotechnology 2010 annual meeting
In the course of our screening for bioactive new secondary metabolites from marine actinomycetes, a new phenzine (1) and a new pyrrole (2), together with previously reported terpenoid naphtoquinone, debromomarinone (3), were isolated from a cultured Streptomyces related bacterium, strain CNQ-509. This strain was isolated from marine sediment collected at a depth of 44m offshore of La Jolla, California. The HPLC analysis of culture extract showed that the production of several notable secondary metabolites having unique UV absorbance. These peaks were isolated and purified with repeated column chromatography to yield two new compounds. The structure of new phenazine (1) was determined as 2-linalyl- 1,6-phenazinediol-5-oxide and it’s linalyl functionality was presumed to be post-modified by Claisen rearrangement of geranyl group. The structure of new pyrrole (2) is composed of acarbomethoxypyrrole with farnesyl group at C-4 position. Based on its production of compound 1, 2, and 3, we can suppose that the strain CNQ-509 has more than two differenct prenyltransferase (PT) genes in its genome or its PT has relaxed substrate-specificity.
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