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dc.description.abstractMetallic glasses showing various functions have been newly at the center of attention in the field of hydrogen separable membrane. The main reason of this interest is due to the comparatively high permeability and resistance to hydrogen embrittlement of hydrogen separable amorphous membrane. Despite extensive study, the mechanism of hydrogen permeation and embrittlement have remained unclear. Therefore, in order to investigate the structural effect in amorphous membrane on the diffusivity of hydrogen and resistance to hydrogen embrittlement, we varied the atomic packing structure of Ni-Al amorphous membrane by changing cooling rate and examined its effect on two permeation properties. Finally, using Voronoi tessellation method, we analyzed the short-range ordering (SRO) structure of the simulated alloys and structural change by hydrogen charging which is related to the hydrogen embrittlement mechanism. We expect that this study in terms of structure could suggest the methodology to design hydrogen separable membrane of good quality, which can replace currently used high cost Pd-based membrane.-
dc.titlePacking structure and the permeation properties of hydrogen separable membrane in Ni-Al metallic glass-
dc.typeConference Paper-
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