Challenges in using Thin Films for SOFC and Overcoming Those by Realizing Supported Thin Film Electrolyte SOFC (Invited)

Challenges in using Thin Films for SOFC and Overcoming Those by Realizing Supported Thin Film Electrolyte SOFC (Invited)
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During the past several years, it has been actively studied to adopt thin film technologies in both conventional SOFCs for high capacity power generation and micro-SOFCs for portable and mobile power sources. This is because SOFC technologies are in need of improving the low temperature performance by introducing thin electrolytes and nano-structured electrodes, as well as acquiring the interfacial quality by employing low temperature processing technologies. Especially in the field of micro-SOFCs, thin film base micro-fabrication such as vacuum deposition, patterning, and etching is intensively attempted. For realizing small size portable micro-SOFCs, size reduction is a prerequisite to make an integrated system. For size reduction and thermal management, reduction of the operation temperature to a much lower temperature regime (lower than 600 ℃) without performance compromise should be accomplished. For fulfilling these purposes, simple size reduction of the conventional SOFC would not be satisfactory and fabrication methods in a different paradigm from the bulk ceramic processing are required. However, by overlooking the issues related to the usage of the thin films and nano-structures at elevated temperatures, many research efforts have been experiencing hardships in attaining intended performances and thermo-mechanical reliabilities of micro-SOFCs. Therefore in this presentation, the challenges in using thin films for SOFC will be reviewed based on the characteristics of thin films and nano-structures. Fabrication parameters affecting the microstructure and thus the properties of the thin films in SOFCs, and thermomechanical issues related will be discussed. As a possible solution to overcome the weakness of the thin films in the SOFC, the approach of Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) for realizing supported type thin film electrolyte SOFC will be introduced. Along with the perform
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