T-less : a Novel Touchless Human-Machine Interface based on Infrared Proximity Sensing

T-less : a Novel Touchless Human-Machine Interface based on Infrared Proximity Sensing
류동석엄두간Philip Tanofsky고도형유영삼강성철
Virtual Reality and Interfaces; Haptics and Haptic Interfaces; Physical Human-Robot Interaction
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In today’s industry, intuitive gesture recognition, as manifested in numerous consumer electronics devices, becomes a main issue of HMI device research. Although finger-tip touch based user interface has paved a main stream in mobile electronics, we envision touch-less HMI as a promising technology in futuristic applications with higher potential in areas where sanity or outdoor operation become of importance. In this paper, we introduce a novel HMI device for non-contact gesture input for intuitive HMI experiences. The enabling technology of the proposed device is the IPA (infrared Proximity Array) sensor by which realtime 3 dimensional depth information can be captured and realized for machine control. For the usability study, two different operating modes are adopted for hand motion inputs: one is a finger tip control mode and the other is a palm control mode. Throughput of the proposed device has been studied and compared to a traditional mouse device for usability evaluation. During the human subject test, the proposed device is found to be useful for PC mouse pointer control. The experimental results are shared in the paper as well.
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