Highly stable enzyme precipitate coatings and their electrochemical applications

Highly stable enzyme precipitate coatings and their electrochemical applications
김병찬XueyanZhao안혜경김재현이혜진김경우Sujith NairErik HsiaoHongfei Jia오민규상병인Beom-Soo KimSeong H. KimYongchai KwonSu Ha구만복Ping Wang김중배
Enzyme stabilization; Enzyme precipitate coatings; Electrospun polymernanofibers; Carbon nanotubes; Biosensors; Biofuel cells
Issue Date
Biosensors & bioelectronics
VOL 26, NO 5, 1980-1986
This paper describes highly stable enzyme precipitate coatings(EPCs) on electrospun polymer nanofibers and carbon nanotubes(CNTs), and their potential applications in the development of highly sensitive biosensors and high-powered biofuel cells. EPCs of glucose oxidase(GOx) were prepared by precipitating GOx molecules in the presence of ammonium sulfate, then cross-linking the precipitated GOx aggregates on covalently attached enzyme molecules on the surface of nanomaterials. EPCs-GOx not only improved enzyme loading, but also retained high enzyme stability. For example, EPC-GOx on CNTs showed a 50times higher activity per unit weight of CNTs than the conventional approach of covalent attachment, and its initial activity was maintained with negligible loss for 200days. EPC-GOx on CNTs was entrapped by Nafion to prepare enzyme electrodes for glucose sensors and biofuel cells. The EPC-GOx electrode showed a higher sensitivity and a lower detection limit than an electrode prepared with covalently attached GOx (CA-GOx). The CA-GOx electrode showed an 80% drop in sensitivity after thermal treatment at 50℃ for 4 h, while the EPC-GOx electrode maintained its high sensitivity with negligible decrease under the same conditions. The use of EPC-GOx as the anode of a biofuel cell improved the power density, which was also stable even after thermal treatment of the enzyme anode at 50 ℃. The excellent stability of the EPC-GOx electrode together with its high current output create new potential for the practical applications of enzyme-based glucose sensors and biofuel cells.
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